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The following is a selection of the engines for sale. We welcome enquires and would be pleased to discuss your requirements for models not shown here. Please contact us for prices and further information. All models on this site have been constructed by Scottish Scale Loco Works craftsmen.

Please click on the images below to see full size versions of the pictures.




Berwick Class in full NB livery




Highland Castle in unlined Highland livery.




Highland Castle in LMS lined crimson livery.




Highland Rail Small Ben in LMS livery.


Pickersgill 113


Pickersgill 113 in Prussian Blue.




Wemyss Bay Tank in Caledonian livery.




River Class in Caledonian livery.




River Class in LMS livery.




Skye Bogie in lined highland livery.




Skye Bogie in LMS livery.




Snaigow in LMS livery.


Highland Tank


Highland Tank in LMS livery (weathered).


The North British Railway fast passenger tank is also available in the later LNER(D50) Livery


This 4-4-0 of The Caledonian Railway was Pickering’s final Design with This Wheel Arrangement. The model is available as shown, in lined LHS Red, Lined LMS black and Beamish Railways liveries

A4 Golden Plover


Drummond Bug This unusual and unique inspection saloon is available in London and south western liver as shown, or in its later ‘Southern’ colours.

439 Class Tank


439 CLASS TANK in Caledonian Blue.

LNER C15 Tank


LNER C15 TANK in BR Black.


PICKERSGILL 113 in BR Lined Black.


CALEDONIAN 123 as preserved today at Glasgow transport museum


CALEDONIAN 123 in LMS Livery


Yankee Tank in fully lined LMS Livery


Yankee Tank in early Jones LMS Livery


This Famous Highland Railway ‘Castle’ Class 4-6-0 can be supplied in various ‘Highland’ liveries, including as shown, and also in LMS red, and black

Future Intentions :

Caledonian class 55.

HR Clan Class.

LNER V4 (Bantam Cock)

Engines for Sale
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